Thursday, January 1, 2009

About The Photographers

Liz is a 24 year old female who just recently got married in September of 2008. She and her husband own a home on a half acre plot in Leavenworth, where they have been for four years. She loves the quiet calm of her community and couldn’t imagine not being able to see the stars at night. Because Liz’s father was in the military, she grew up everywhere from Kansas to Germany. Skipping the traditional college route, Liz went straight to the work force and now works for the third largest government contractor. Although she has never formally studied photography, she loves all things creative. Tammi is a 25 year old single, gay female who lives alone in Chicago, where she has been for two years. In addition to the convenience of having everything at her doorstep, she thrives on the diversity and liberalism of the big city. After growing up in South Florida, Tammi attended the University of Central Florida in Orlando and received her degree in Graphic Design and Photography. She has worked for several photography studios and has been shooting both professionally and recreationally for over 5 years.

Liz and Tammi met while attending South Plantation High School in Plantation, Florida and were inseparable most their junior year. Their evenings were usually spent lugging cases of Bud Light from party to party or singing along loudly to “Born in the Ghetto, Raised in the Hood” through neighborhoods where they should have kept to themselves. Since high school, Tammi and Liz have grown up to lead lives very different from each other. While one is happily settled into a house with her husband in a small rural community, the other leads a somewhat unconventional life renting a one bedroom apartment in the middle of a large city. Although they are still good friends, their paths have not crossed in a long time.

Us - circa 2001.